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​Our unique Girl Scout Tea Parties will be hosted in a fun and safe atmosphere while focusing on education and personal growth.

DAISY (5-6)

Respect Myself and Others- (purple)

We will learn and practice table manners as well as respecting others through conversation and actions.

Courage and Strength- (red)

Sometimes it takes a little extra courage to stand up by yourself. That’s why we will work on these skills in our fashion show and parade.




Each girl will get to prepare their own trail mix with 6 or more ingredients and get a cute container to take it home in. This healthy snack will give you energy to finish your day and help you stay focused.

Manners and Etiquette-

*Make your own badge*

We will learn and practice our table manners during a formal Tea Party setting. You will be ready for any formal dining experience. (This party is available for any age group.)


JR’S (8-11)

Social Butterfly-

We will have so much fun while having our Tea Party and practicing our social skill in a group setting.

Personal Appearance and Self-Image-

*Make your own badge*

Personal appearance and a positive self- image are important attributes to have. We will teach the girls the steps of a manicure while having them practice on each other. Not only will they look good but they will feel good through serving others.

*Make Your Own Badge –

Use our suggestions or give us a great idea. We would love to hear them and add them on to our Girl Scout badges. Other popular badges are: Dancer, Hear a story, Jeweler, etc. This can be applied to any age group.


Girl Scout Badge Parties Include:

1 hour Tea Party with private room rental

Our Fairytale Tea Fare: Tea, Tea Sandwich, Pretzel Wand, and Petit Four


Party room set-up (china, etc.) and accessories

Fashion Show



Girl Scout Pricing:

$17.95 per girl up to 20 girls  (8 girl minimum)

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your date/time and book your party.