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1. Do you incorporate present presentation/opening during the party?

-We prefer not to open presents, it allows for more party time. However, if you would like to open presents, please let us know ahead of time! Also, upon request, we have a hostess who will fill out a sheet telling you who gave which present to your child, making writing thank you notes simpler! 

2. Do you make accommodations for children with certain food allergies?

-Yes, if you let us know what food allergies your child has, we will be able provide different food options. *Peanut allergy is a common food allergy, and we don’t use peanut butter, peanut oil, or any peanut based products.

3. Do I need to bring a birthday cake/cookie?

-We provide a variety of sweets and food throughout the party that will more than satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.  If you would like to bring a cake/cookie you are more than welcome to, and we will happily incorporate the lighting of the candles, singing happy birthday, and the cutting of the cake into the party. (Please let us know ahead of time.)

4. Can adults have cupcakes and tea?

-Of course! Adults are more than welcome to order cupcakes throughout your child’s party, or even just stop by anytime to pick up a cupcake! Adult cupcake and tea is an additional $5.95.

5. Do you publish pictures of my child on your website without my permission?

-We will never publish a picture of your child without your permission. We have waivers you would need to sign before we put photos of your child/child’s party on our website, or any form of social media. If we are out marketing, such as Western Days, or any other marketing event and we take photos in a public setting, we will ask for permission to post the photos onto our website. 

6. Does Fairytale Tea Time make accommodations for boys/boys parties?

-Absolutely! We have a variety of parties your prince can choose from (Pirates, Cowboys and Indians, Prince, Super Hero, Knights and Dragons, etc....) We also have dress up outfits, decorations and goody bags for boys as well. 

7. What comes in your goody bags and how are the upgraded ones different from the regular ones?

-The goody bags vary by party and gender. Most bags include rings, bracelets, necklaces, stickers, tattoos, and candy etc… The upgraded bags are specialized to the theme of the party. For example, our Spa Party will include toe spacers and other small spa items.

8. What is a “Mini-Mani” and a “Mini-Pedi” compared to a real Manicure and Pedicure?

-Our Mini-Mani and Mini-Pedi’s don’t involve any professional tools. They include: Nail polish removal, foot/hand soak, relaxing massage and new nail polish applied.  (No nails will be clipped or filed.)

9. What is the difference between the glitter makeover and sparkle glitter?

-Sparkle glitter is where we add a glitter heart or star to your child cheek or hand. Glitter makeover is glitter eye shadow, sparkly blush and sparkle lipstick that adds extra glitter and shine to your child's look!

10. Can I choose my hostess?

-You may request a specific hostess to host your party. Please let us know in advance if you wish to do so.

11. Am I supposed to tip the hostess?

-We suggest tipping the hostess 18% but you are more than welcome to adjust the percentage according to how well your hostess preformed.

12. Are adults allowed to attend the party?

-We welcome adults to stay and watch the party at their very own “Adult Table” where they are welcome to order food trays and drinks for the table.

13. Am I allowed to bring in any outside food?

-A. As we said above, you are more than welcome to bring in your own cake/cookie but other than that. no outside food is allowed to come into the parties.

14. Am I allowed to leave my child at the party while I run errands?

-We are a safe and reliable business with outstanding staff, so you are welcome to let your child participate in party festivities while you run errands.  However, it is ultimately your decision. You are more than welcome to stay and enjoy the party!